New opportunity at LCB/UNR for Masters/PhD Geography or PhD in EECB

I anticipate bringing on a new graduate student (funded by an assistantship) for Fall 2015 at the University of Nevada, Reno ( There are several active and overlapping projects that a new student could participate in; these involve avian landscape ecology and physiology, the American pika, remote sensing, GIS, climate change, and microclimatology. However, a new student could also develop a project along her/his own interests.

A diverse set of skills and backgrounds could be useful, but most of our work involves coding (R, Python, IDL, Matlab), statistics/modeling, and geoprocessing (remote sensing, GIS). Some LCB members are conservation/ecologically oriented, while others are more towards hydrology and climate science.  All are spatial.  All are good lab-mates.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail [subject: “grad application”] to talbright [at] and attach 1) a cv/resume, 2) unofficial transcripts/GRE scores, and 3) a one page letter letting me know your interests, goals, and key qualifications.

Please send me materials by 11 Jan, so I can provide feedback giving you time to submit a full application to the university by 1 Feb.

Currently the Lab of Conservation Biogeography ( consists of 3 masters students, 2 PhD students, a postdoc, and me, Professor Tom Albright.  I can advise students in the Geography Masters and PhD programs ( and in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology PhD Program ( We have collaborations at several other universities and government agencies and field sites in Nevada and Arizona.

Most likely, initial funding will come from a TAship ($1650 monthly stipend, tuition paid, other benefits (incl. health plan)) however opportunities for fellowships and research funding will be pursued.  Current students have been supported fellowships and grants funded by NASA, NSF, LCC, and other sources. TAs for Masters students are typically offered 2 years and for PhD students are offered for 3 years.  Life in Reno is very good with an affordable cost of living and many opportunities for outdoor (and indoor) recreation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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This is the blog for the Laboratory for Conservation Biogeography at the University of Nevada, Reno.
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